Chapter 8: Setting Sail - Publishing Your HIPO Chatbot 🚀📡

Unleash your digital envoy. Conduct final checks and witness your chatbot sail into the vast sea of the internet.

8. Publishing Your Chatbot

Publishing your Chatbot

8.1 Accessing Publish Section

The grand moment has arrived. Navigate to the 'Publish' section – the helm from which you release your AI companion into the vast expanse of the digital sea.

8.2 Final Checks

Before casting off, conduct a thorough inspection. Ensure all configurations are in order, and your chatbot is prepared for the impending interaction with the digital realm.

8.3 Clicking 'Publish'

With a resolute click, unleash your creation onto the digital seas by pressing 'Publish.' Your chatbot is now live, ready to engage, assist, and guide.

As the sails catch the wind, the next chapter unfolds the collaborative nature of HIPO, inviting your team to join in the digital odyssey. 🤝🌐
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