Chapter 5: Nurturing Your HIPO Crew - Training Your Chatbot 🌐💡

Immerse your AI crew in the knowledge ocean. Train from files, upload documents, and witness the rise of conversational wizards.

5. Training Your Chatbot

5.1 Training Overview

Training your Chatbot
Ahoy, captain! The training grounds await. Familiarize yourself with the process as we prepare your AI crew for the grand odyssey.

5.2 Training from Files

Training from Files
In the arsenal of knowledge, choose 'Train from files' to upload your document - the treasure map leading your chatbot to wisdom. With a decisive 'Start Training,' watch as your crew absorbs the knowledge it needs.

5.3 Document Upload

Unfurl the sails and upload your training document, for it is the wind that propels your chatbot's journey into the seas of information.

5.4 Testing in the Conversation Section

Take the helm and navigate to the Conversation section. Test the prowess of your AI crew, witnessing the magic it now wields.

As the sails billow with newfound knowledge, the next chapter unveils the integration ports, allowing your chatbot to embark on journeys far and wide. 🚢🌐
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