Chapter 3: Crafting Your HIPO Crew - Creating a Chatbot ⚙️💬

Name, describe, and witness the birth of your AI crew. Craft a chatbot empire without coding hassles.

3. Creating Your Chatbot

3.1 Accessing Chatbots Section

Chatbots Section
Navigate the waters by steering towards the menu and casting your gaze upon "Chatbots." This is where you summon the spirit of your AI companion.

3.2 Creating a Chatbot

Create Chatbot
Name your creation with the elegance of a ship christening, add a description that captures its essence, and with a triumphant click, 'Create Chatbot.' In moments, your AI crew is ready to embark on its maiden voyage.

3.3 Naming and Describing Your Chatbot

Bestow upon your chatbot a name that echoes across the digital seas and a description that paints a vivid picture of its purpose.

As your AI ship takes shape, the next chapter beckons us to set sail into uncharted territories – the Settings and the preparation for the voyage ahead. ⚓🌐
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