Chapter 6: Integrating HIPO into the Digital Seas 🌐⚙️

Connect your chatbot to the digital cosmos. Choose WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, or embark on a classic website integration journey.

6. Integration

6.1 Integration Options

Integration Section
The time has come to chart the course for integration. HIPO offers a diverse array of integration options - choose from WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, or set sail on the vast ocean of the internet with website integration.

6.2 Connecting Your Chatbot

Connecting Chatbot to a website
To set sails for new horizons, click 'Connect.' A magical pop-up script for website integration appears, akin to the sails unfurling with the promise of new adventures.

6.3 Website Integration - Pop-up Script

website connection script
For the website-bound voyager, the pop-up script is the key to embedding your chatbot's wisdom into the very fabric of your digital presence.

Prepare the ship, for the next chapter unveils the secrets of personalization and branding, ensuring your chatbot stands tall amidst the digital storms. 🌊🎨
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