Chapter 4: Navigating the HIPO's Command Center - Setting Up Your Chatbot ⚙️🔧

Fine-tune your digital sailors in the HIPO engine room. Add OpenAI API, adjust prompts, and set the course for excellence.

4. Setting Up Your Chatbot

4.1 Accessing Settings

Chatbot Settings
Welcome to the HIPO command center, where your chatbot's destiny takes shape. Click on your newly christened chatbot, and find the path to "Settings" to commence the customization process.

4.2 Adding OpenAI API Key

Adding OpenAI API Key
In the heart of the settings, introduce your chatbot to the world with the OpenAI API key. This key is the compass guiding your chatbot through the vast ocean of information.

4.3 Default Prompt Adjustment

Prompts Section
Fine-tune your chatbot's default prompt, ensuring it resonates with the wisdom it's about to unleash upon the digital seas.

Ready your sails, as the next chapter delves into the art of training your AI crew for the challenges that lie ahead. 🤖⚔️
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