Chapter 7: Personalizing Your HIPO - Branding and Customization 🎨🤖

Personalize your AI companion. Modify names, adjust colors, and change icons, reflecting your brand in the digital realm.

7. Branding and Customization

Branding Section

7.1 Accessing Branding

As you navigate the high seas of personalization, drop anchor at the 'Branding' harbor. Here, you'll impart your unique touch to your AI companion.

7.2 Modifying Bot Name

Give your chatbot a name that resonates with the grandeur of your brand, echoing through the digital waves.

7.3 Adjusting Theme Color

In the palette of possibilities, modify the Theme Color. Let it reflect the essence of your brand's personality as vividly as the hues of a breathtaking sunset on the horizon.

7.4 Changing Assistant Icon

Craft your brand's identity by changing the Assistant Icon. A symbol that encapsulates the spirit of your digital crew.

With your chatbot now dressed in the regalia of your brand, the next chapter beckons, guiding you through the final preparations before setting sail to engage with your audience. ⚓💬
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