Chapter 2: Navigating the HIPO Waters 🌊

Navigate HIPO effortlessly. From registration to dashboard, discover the compass guiding conversational commerce.

2. Getting Started

2.1 Registration

Ahoy, fellow navigator! To set sail with HIPO, head over to our command center at Registration is as simple as plotting a course. Enter your email, click 'sign up,' and confirm your account through the verification email. If you're a seasoned sailor, sign in with your email and password.

2.2 Dashboard Overview

Dashboard Overview
As you step onto the ship, you'll find yourself on the main dashboard, a compass to guide you. Here, we display your Published Chatbots, Total Workspaces, and Credits Used. Your recent and published bots are neatly laid out below the deck. To navigate swiftly, consult the left menu – your trusty ship's wheel.

2.3 Navigation

HIPO's navigation is smoother than a well-trimmed sail. Use the left menu to explore the vast expanse of features with ease.

Set your course, and let's dive into the creation of your HIPO crew – your chatbot. 🚢💬
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